GlobeTot is about our adventure as a family. It is a combo-jumbo family-oriented blog with science, travel, art, sustainability, food, gadgetry. We aim to capture our journey of learning and exploring the world around us with our children.

How did it all start?

Art-loving, wanderlust EcoWarrior +  adventurous TechnoGeek foodie = Eternal Wonderers

Francois and I are a naturally curious couple. We take our jobs as parents quite seriously. At least in terms of making sure that we raise independent, caring, curious and invested children. The blog was started to share our experiences and love for enhancing our children’s curiosity with fun and adventure.

Give your kids some wings and watch them fly

What will you find on GlobeTot?

GlobeTot contains a little bit of everything. Yup, “kitchen” science experiments share the same space in our hearts as food, adventure and the environment. And everything in between.

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Come wonder with us!